Cerec Crowns for Same Day Treatment

Cerec crowns are a great convenience for patients needing dental crowns. Instead of waiting weeks for a crown to be fabricated and placed by your dentist, the dentists at Bassett Creek Dental can fabricate a Cerec crown right in the office while you wait. Sit back and relax in your comfortable waiting area while your crown is milled. Cerec crowns are a gift for busy patients.

Please call us for an appointment: 763-546-1301.

What is a Cerec Crown?

Cerec crowns are made using Computer-Assisted Design Computer-Assisted Manufacture (CAD-CAM.) Your dentist takes several pictures of your teeth and bite using an intraoral camera. Then the crown is milled by a computer to fit precisely. This eliminates the laboratory step in manufacturing the crown. The crown, inlay or onlay restoration is then made while you wait. It’s really a great timesaver for you.

Cerec-Trained Doctors in Golden Valley

Few dental offices in Minneapolis and Golden Valley offer Cerec crowns. The dentists at Bassett Creek Dental have been trained as Cerec doctors to fully utilize the Cerec crown technology to produce comfortable, natural and beautiful same day crowns.

For an appointment to see if Cerec crowns are right for you, please call us at 763-546-1301.