Dental Hygienists



The dental assisting team is second to none. All highly experienced in the technological needs of your dental care and passionate about making your visit as comfortable as possible, the assistants are always fully engaged in all aspects of your care. By ensuring that the patient is the focus of our practice, the dental assistant uses her skills to create a pleasant experience at each appointment.

The professional relationship within the dentist-assistant team is a key element to the success of your care and the expertise of our Minneapolis Minnesota dentists. During your appointment, the team works together like a symphony when all parts combine in harmony to smoothly complete your care. The dentist-assistant team is an invaluable relationship and asset nurtured at BCD.

Visit one of the best dental clinics in Minneapolis where our staff cares about one another and in turn that caring attitude flows to our patients through the positive environment of BCD.

Clinical Coordinators



The business staff, sharing over 60+ years of dental experience, includes our Patient Care Coordinators, Treatment Coordinator, Financial Coordinator, and the Information Systems Analyst.

Your contact with us starts with our Patient Care Coordinators helping to guide you through and minimize the logistical maze that healthcare has become. They will work with you to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Dental insurance can be a confusing topic. Your employer and insurance company can change your policy on an annual basis. Our business staff can help you decipher the benefit your employer is providing for you. Click here to view additional information on dental insurance. Cherrelle and Rebekah, our Financial Coordinators, have over 10 years of experience in the dental insurance industry and will help you optimize your benefits.

There are many ways to afford the dental care you desire. Financing options have never been better. We can provide this information to help make your dental care more feasible and completed in a timely manner.

Office Administrator


Denise Rhymes

As Administrator for Bassett Creek Dental, Denise draws on her 25+ years of dental practice management experience to provide daily and ongoing support and guidance to meet the managerial needs of BCD. Throughout the years, Denise has performed every business office role for various dental clinics, focusing on customer service and doing the right thing. This helps her bring a unique advantage to her administrative responsibilities, having an understanding of each function and how they are related. She has a cheerful, positive outlook and a commitment to making the overall experience at Bassett Creek Dental the best that it can be, for patients and team members alike.


1966: What is now Bassett Creek Dental originated when Dr. Richard Adamson opened his dental practice above North Drug on 36th Avenue North in Minneapolis.

1973: Dr. Adamson moved his practice to a third floor office of the Bassett Creek Medical Building with three treatment rooms. After remodeling and expansion took place in 1975, 1984 and 1986, there were seven treatment rooms.

1974: Dr. Steven Nielsen joined Dr. Adamson.

1979: The practice was named Adamson, Nielsen and Associates, P.A.

1981: Dr. Lisa Howard joined the practice.

1982: The practice of Dr. Paul Poss joined Adamson, Nielsen and Associates.

1984: Bassett Creek Dental became the official name. Evening hours were offered at this time and well-received by patients. Evening hours are still available today — Monday through Thursday.

1989: The current office space in Suite 100 became the home for Bassett Creek Dental. This state of the art dental facility features 12 treatment rooms.

1989: Dr. Adamson retired from practice.

1990: Dr. Todd Tsuchiya joined Bassett Creek Dental.

1990: Periodontal specialty treatment was added. Dr. John Rieke currently provides periodontal services.

1992: Oral Surgery specialty treatment was added. Dr. Ab Rahimi currently provides oral surgery services.

1994: Dr. Shari Bruning joined Bassett Creek Dental. Dr. Lisa Howard left the practice at this time to pursue a three year residency in Orthodontics at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

1999: Dr. Jeff Steele as well as the practice of Dr. Norman Kushino joined Bassett Creek Dental.

2000: Dr.Kushino retired.

2001: Dr. Samira Mahabadi joined the practice.

2008: Dr. Paul Peterson joined Bassett Creek Dental.