Fluoride Treatment: Protection for Your Teeth 

A fluoride treatment from your dentist helps protect your teeth from decay. Fluoride, when administered topically, can help repair teeth in the very early stages of decay. It is a preventative treatment recommended by the American Dental Association for patients with a history of tooth decay or other health problems that may lead to cavities.

Your dentist at Bassett Creek Dental may recommend a fluoride treatment. It is a simple, painless topical treatment painted on your teeth. This is just one extra step we take to help ensure our patients receive the very best care. At Bassett Creek Dental, you’re more than a patient to us. You’re family.

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What Is Fluoride and How Does It Prevent Cavities?

You have probably seen the word “fluoride” on your toothpaste tube or on the label on a bottle of mouthwash. Fluoride is a compound related to fluorine, an element found in nature. Every day, your teeth lose and regain minerals. If too many minerals are lost, teeth are weakened, and bacteria can multiply and invade the enamel, causing decay. When too much decalcification occurs, you could develop a cavity in your tooth.

Fluoride reverses the very early stages of decalcification by helping your teeth gain more minerals than they lose. It also makes your teeth more resistant to acid attacks from sugar and plaque bacteria in the mouth.

A topical fluoride treatment at Bassett Creek Dental adds an additional level of protection to your teeth. It helps to remineralize the surface, and may help prevent future cavities.

In-Office Fluoride Treatment with Good Oral Hygiene

An in-office fluoride treatment at Bassett Creek Dental, along with good at-home oral hygiene such as twice-daily brushing and flossing, can keep your teeth strong, healthy and beautiful. Make an appointment for a checkup with one of our dentists. We’ll help you keep your smile for life.

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