Bleaching has become very popular. Bleaching products can be found everywhere from the corner drugstore to the mall. Is bleaching safe or is there too much of a good thing? Do you need to worry about "bleachorexia?" Well, the answers to these questions are yes, yes, and yes. Everything in moderation...

Bleaching works from the inside of the tooth out. Bleaching materials typically have an active ingredient of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and come in varying concentrations. When using these products, these materials penetrate the tooth to break down staining molecules within your tooth. Many bleaching materials also include fluoride to strengthen the enamel and potassium nitrate to act as a desensitizer. Even with the additional fluoride and desensitizer, it is important to follow product directions so one does not damage the enamel and gum tissue. Bassett Creek Dental provides a full bleaching menu of professional bleaching products. Your dentist can discuss what option would work best for you, and provide personalized instruction for safe use.

Bleaching does require maintenance. Genetics, diet, age, and habits such as smoking or staining beverages can affect the length of whitening results. With the direction of your dental team at Bassett Creek Dental, we can safely help keep your smile white and bright.

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