Scholarship Winners 2015

Cowan_Hannah_200.jpgMs. Hannah Cowan's educational objectives include attending medical school and possibly pursuing a PhD. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, her major course of study will be in biology, while working to fulfill prerequisites for medical school. She has been involved in immunological research at the U of M already, and hopes to continue her research there. She is fascinated by the process of problem solving and looks forward to applying this passion to her career. Through her undergraduate experience she hopes to decide on a more specific route for her research. Additionally, she would like to study French and spend a semester abroad in France.



AustinGrad1_200.jpgMr. Austin Wisdorf will be attending the University of Minnesota Duluth next fall, where he will focus his studies on Engineering or Computer Science. After suffering a severe concussion at football practice on his first day of high school, Austin struggled with school and social activities for three years. Finally, Austin is feeling more like himself again. Although he continues to deal with headaches, his studies have improved and he is driven to succeed. He loves learning and is excited to go to college to continue his studies and become involved in more social outlets. He has proven his perseverance and looks forward to a bright future!





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