Dental Trauma

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Summer is full of sunshine, picnics, baseball, soccer, biking and many other outdoor activities. Sometimes those activities can result in an unexpected dental injury. Knowing what to do can increase the likelihood of saving the affected tooth.

If a permanent tooth (adult tooth) is knocked out, it is important to keep it moist. This preserves the health of the cells on the root. To preserve these cells, it is also important to minimize handling the root surface. Try to handle the tooth by the crown portion (top part that you typically see) as much as possible. If the root surface has dirt on it, gently rinse it with water, but do not scrub (again, we want to preserve those cells). If you can put the tooth back in the tooth socket, this is ideal. If you do not feel comfortable with this, keep the root moist. The ideal way to keep a tooth moist is in your mouth between your cheek and gum. This is not always possible, so if you (or your child) are unable to do this, immerse the tooth in a tooth preservation product (Hank's solution or Save-A-Tooth), milk, or saline. If possible you can very gently wrap the tooth in clean gauze prior to immersion. You should also contact your dentist immediately. The dentist will evaluate to see if the tooth is a candidate for re-implantation, but being seen in a timely manner is essential and improves the prognosis. If you are away from your dentist, emergency room physicians are also trained in re-implantation.

If your child knocked out a baby tooth, the tooth should not be re-implanted or put back in position. You should let you dentist know what occurred. Your child will need to be evaluated to ensure no broken pieces remain.

If your tooth is pushed out of position, call your dentist who can schedule an emergency appointment to reposition the tooth. You can also use light finger pressure yourself, but do not force the tooth.

At Bassett Creek Dental, if you have a dental emergency, you can reach your dentist through our emergency line. Play it safe and have a great and accident free summer!

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