Family Dental Care: All About Sealants



Heres another way to guard against cavities: dental sealants. While brushing and flossing are still the best way to ward off plaque, tartar, and cavities, dental sealants can add an extra layer of protection to your teeth. Family dental care includes comprehensive strategies to prevent cavities among all family members with dental sealants.


What Is a Sealant?


Molars, or the larger teeth near the back of your mouth used for grinding and chewing food, have a rough surface. This rough surface has lots of grooves where its easy to miss food particles during brushing. Bacteria, which are attracted to those food particles, dig in and create acids that destroy the enamel. Cavities can result.


Sealants are like all-weather coats for your teeth; they protect against the elements. The earlier you get dental sealants, the better, which is why they are often part of family dental care. Children get their first set of molars at age 6 and their second set around age 12. This is a great time for dental sealants.


How Dental Sealants Are Placed


Dental sealants are quick and painless. Your dentist cleans your teeth then dries them. A special gel is placed on the tooth, then the tooth is rinsed and dried again. Next, the sealant is placed over the surface of the tooth. A special blue light is used to set the sealant and you’re done. It’s that simple!


Dental sealants may be a good option for you or for your children. Please make an appointment with Bassett Creek Dental for a checkup. Ask your family dentist if sealants are a good option. If they are, we can place them right in our office during your appointment. It takes very little time, and can do a world of good preventing cavities.

Call Bassett Creek Dental for an appointment at 763-546-1301.


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