Ouch! What Causes a Toothache?


You’re sipping a nice hot cup of tea or cocoa and suddenly, you feel searing pain in your tooth. Or you’re enjoying an ice cream sundae with your children and the cold makes your tooth throb long after the ice cream is finished. What causes a little tooth to give you so much pain?

The first reason that comes to mind and the one that most often prompts people to pick up the phone and call the dentist is a cavity. You should always call your dentist at Bassett Creek Dental whenever you feel tooth pain or discomfort. Only your dentist can tell you for sure what’s causing your discomfort and, more importantly, eliminate or ease it!

What Causes Toothaches?

A few minor problems can cause sensitivity in your teeth. The enamel or the outer covering of the teeth can become thin with age and wear. As it thins, teeth become more sensitive, especially to hot or cold foods. Your dentist can recommend treatment for sensitive teeth and home care methods, such as switching to a soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth, if your dentist diagnoses the source of your tooth pain as sensitive teeth.

Cavities can cause discomfort, as can a cracked or fractured tooth. Pain from cracked or fractured teeth tends to come on very suddenly and when biting down on the chewing surface.

Pain accompanied by a fever or swelling in the face or jaw is a sign of an infection, and required immediate treatment. Please see your dentist right away if there is any sign of infection or fever with your dental pain.

Make an Appointment with Your Dentist

Pain or discomfort is your body’s way of saying that something is wrong. A toothache is no different. Your teeth are sending a message, loud and clear: make an appointment with Bassett Creek Dental. Only your dentist can diagnose the source of your toothache and treat your discomfort effectively, so don’t hesitate to call your dentist if you experience a toothache or tooth discomfort.

At Bassett Creek Dental, we offer general dentistry, family dentistry, dentistry for children, cosmetic dentistry and more in one convenient office. We welcome new patients, and can put your mind at ease if you’re feeling any discomfort in your teeth. Our experienced and caring dentists give you more reasons to smile. For an appointment, call us at (763) 546-1301.

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