Three Great Reasons to Come to Bassett Creek Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening


Bassett Creek Dental offers professional teeth whitening services that include in-office whitening as well as convenient, dentist-recommended take home kits. 

Our dentists can work with you to design a perfect smile and address many cosmetic issues including gaps or spaces between your teeth, stained teeth, and discolored teeth.

Why not use over the counter kits to whiten teeth? It may seem as if you can’t turn on the television without seeing commercials for products such as strips, gels, whitening pastes, and other products you can purchase at the pharmacy to brighten teeth. While some of these have merit, we recommend getting professional teeth whitening for several reasons:

Effective: Over-the-counter teeth whiteners generally use a bleach solution, typically hydrogen peroxide, to bleach away stains. Yet discolored teeth can be caused by many things: surface stains, excessive restoration, damage to the tooth, certain antibiotics used during childhood. When you come to Bassett Creek Dental for professional teeth whitening services, we evaluate not just the appearance of your teeth but the reason for the discoloration. Bleaching or teeth whitening may work well, or we may suggest additional restoration such as veneers, crowns, or bonding to improve the appearance of your teeth. Because the customized solution is better matched to your unique dental health, it’s more effective for brightening your smile.

Safer: Although toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips and other products sold for teeth whitening treatments at your local pharmacy are generally regarded as safe, the ADA reports that overuse or misuse of some products can damage tooth enamel, gums, mucosal tissue, and hard tissue in the mouth. At Bassett Creek Dental you’re in safe hands for all your teeth whitening needs. You’re assured of a professional approach to teeth whitening that puts your dental health first!

Comprehensive: Comprehensive “Smile Design”services at Bassett Creek Dental take into consideration all your cosmetic dentistry goals. We can provide professional teeth whitening or a range of services to improve your smile. More importantly, because you’re seeing a family dentist, you can also make an appointment for a checkup and cleaning when you visit us for teeth whitening services. A beautiful smile starts with a healthy smile!

Whether you’re looking for whiter teeth for a special event like a wedding or job interview or it’s something you’ve always longed for and now is the right time to proceed, professional teeth whitening services at Bassett Creek Dental offer you an effective, safe, and healthy approach to cosmetic dentistry. We give you more reasons to smile!

For more information, ask your dentist at Bassett Creek Dental during your next appointment. Call us today at (763) 546-1301 for an appointment.


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