Summer Safety Tips

Sunshine, swimming, cool treats and hanging out are the perfect ingredients for an ideal summer break. While these warm months can be a great time for children, it can still present some hazards. Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe this summer.

Sweet Treats in Moderation

Ice cream trucks, lemonade stands and s’mores run abundant during this time of year. These sweet and sticky treats can contribute to your child’s next dental emergency. Make healthy snacks readily available during snack time and promote healthy eating habits. Practicing moderation and monitoring the amount of confections your child consumes can help prevent tooth decay.

Mouth Guards

Sports are in full swing during the summer months. Whether your child plays soccer, baseball or lacrosse, encourage them to wear mouth guards to protect their teeth. Collisions happen all the time, if not protected, your child could get a tooth knocked out. If that should happen:

·Get to a dentist as soon as possible

·Do not touch the root of the tooth

·If dirty, hold it by the crown and rise with milk or water—DO NOT wipe with a cloth

·Keep it moist by dropping into a glass of milk or a cup of saliva if milk is not available

·You can also place the tooth back into your mouth between your cheek and gum—DO NOT SWALLOW


Always obey the rules posted at the pool. The slick surface around the pool can cause kids to fall resulting in a chipped or knocked out tooth. Also, limit their swim time. Improperly maintained pools can cause rapid erosion of dental enamel as well as sensitive teeth and dark staining.

Protect Your Skin

The sun is at its peak between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. which increases your risk of being burned. Clothes, shade and sunscreen (SPF 30+) are great ways to protect your child’s skin. Don’t forget to slick their lips with some SPF protection as well.

Keep Cool

Hot temperatures and prolonged time outdoors can cause heat exhaustion. Symptoms can include fatigue, extreme thirst and muscle cramping. It’s important to stay cool and take water breaks. Seems simple, but so easy to forget.

Reinforce the Rules

Summer can be an easy time to relax the rules as strict schedules are thrown out the window. It’s important for parents to reinforce proper oral hygiene; brushing twice a day, flossing and eating healthy. Should an emergency happen, keep calm and contact our office right away at 763-546-1301. Bassett Creek Dental encourages you to talk to your kids about the importance of protecting their teeth when they’re having fun.