Halloween Treat Alternatives


Bubbles are a great activity for small and big kids. Who doesn’t like the challenge of blowing the biggest bubble, or trying to catch one on your wand? Many stores sell party-size bubbles in big packages. There are even giant bubble wands available in large packs that are sure to make your home known as the “cool house” on the block!

Temporary Tattoos & Stickers

Kids are obsessed with tattoos and stickers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be spooky, silly, character themed, or just about anything you can dream up.

Mini Play-Doh

Play-doh has the potential for many hours of creative play. Kids can mold their own spooky jack-o lantern or create the biggest, scariest spider. The best part - if they don’t like their creation, they can simply smash it and start all over again!

Glow Sticks

Light up the night with glow sticks. It’s a fun way to increase trick-or-treater visibility on the street. They come in many forms: necklaces, bracelets, rings, wands, swords, and so much more—making them irresistible for children.

Activity Sets

It can be as simple as mini crayons and small notebook. Stores also sell activity packets that include crayons, coloring paper and stickers. These sets are another great way to keep children busy as well as encourage creativity.


We want you to enjoy this time of year, but it isn’t worth putting your oral and dental health at risk. If you still want to hand out edible treats, opt for healthy alternatives like individually packaged sliced apples or baby carrots, string cheese, or even spooky bottles of water. After indulging, remember to brush and floss away the bacteria that feed on the sugar to produce cavity-forming acids in your mouth. Schedule an appointment with Bassett Creek Dental at 763-546-1301 for more helpful tips and tricks that can help your smile stay healthy.