Holiday Drinks That Can Cause Staining

Holiday celebrations are in full swing throughout the month. A work party here, an impromptu get together there, rich foods and decadent treats everywhere. No gathering is complete without festive drinks to accompany those delicious dishes. Make a great impression and flash your best pearly white smile. Keep that gleaming smile intact by avoiding drinks that may discolor your teeth. Before you head to the party, we compiled a short list on which teeth staining drinks to avoid as you celebrate. However, don’t think you have to completely skip out on some of your favorites - as always, moderation is key.


Many people wake up and reach for a cup of coffee to jumpstart their day. While coffee is one of the most popular beverages that is enjoyed throughout the day, it is also the most common culprit of teeth staining. Coffee contains high levels of acidity, which makes your tooth enamel softer and rougher, so it’s easier for stains to set in. It also contains tannins, a plant based compound, that makes it easier for stains to stick to teeth. Prolonged exposure to the dark, lingering colors like consuming black coffee or an espresso everyday are sure to alter the color of your teeth.

Red & White Wine

Drinking lots of red wine isn’t ideal for a dazzling white smile. Not only does wine contain chromogens, a compound with strong pigment that cling to your enamel, it’s also highly acidic. Think switching to white wine is a better solution? You’d be wrong. White wine contains even more acidity than red wine and despite its color, it still contains some tannins. The acid in white wine will break down the protective layer in your enamel which exposes pockets on your teeth, therefore making it easier for other foods and drinks to stain.

Seasonal Beer

Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular. These unique seasonal brews are brewed with rich flavors like caramel, chocolate, or coffee. Many of the darker brews, like a porter or stout, can cause permanent stains because of the dark hue as well as the high levels of acidity they contain.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows may be a go to drink when the weather turns cool. Keep in mind while hot chocolate does not have the acidity and tannins that some of the other drinks contain, it still contains chromogens which can discolor your teeth. In addition to the teeth staining aspects, hot chocolate is also chock full of sugar and sticky sweetness. The bacteria that causes tooth decay will feast on the sugars that linger on your teeth and can create cavities.

Holiday Punch

At every gathering, there is usually a vibrantly colored holiday punch waiting to quench your thirst. These punches are usually a combination of fruit juices, berries, dark liquors and other sugary additions. Not only can this highly pigmented drink stain your teeth, spirits like bourbon can create a very dry environment in your mouth which make it a prime setting for gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

Water Is A Great Alternative

Water is a great choice –it’s clear, refreshing and helps rinse away particles of food in between your teeth. If you do decide to indulge, try using a straw or a to-go drink topper to help minimize contact with your front teeth. Another option is to sip water periodically while you enjoy your favorite wine or holiday punch to help rinse away any residue left behind.

Teeth Whitening Services

It’s important to stay on top of your dental habits like flossing, brushing, and regular dental cleanings. Over time, despite your best efforts, your teeth can still be stained from not only the beverages you drink, but also the foods you eat. If your teeth are stained and you’re looking for a more sparking smile, Bassett Creek Dental offers teeth whitening services as well as take-home teeth whitening kits to help you achieve that glittering glow. Contact our office today at 763-546-1301 for a consultation. From all of us at Bassett Creek Dental, we hope your holiday is merry and white!