5 Foods That Stain Teeth

Have you noticed your once white smile is beginning to yellow? While this is completely normal, certain foods may be the culprit of your less than white smile. Food and drinks may cause staining of the teeth due to the porous structure of our teeth. Meaning, the enamel of the teeth contain microscopic pits and these pits can trap the dark color of certain substances leading to yellowing or discolored teeth.

5 Foods That Stain Teeth

Coffee and Tea

While we love our hot cup of coffee right away in the morning, it may be staining your teeth! Coffee and dark teas, black tea, in particular, can cause discoloration, especially if sipped on throughout the entire day.


The dark pigments in red wine, called chromogens, in addition to acid and tannins, can leave their mark on your teeth after just a few sips. Tannins create the dry-mouth texture of the wine, also bind to the teeth, encouraging pigment to latch on and stain the teeth.

Tomato Sauce

The high acidity level of tomatoes and the red hue leave your teeth vulnerable to staining.

Balsamic Vinegar

Due to the dark color of this healthy salad dressing and its acidic nature, it is prone to stick to the teeth and cause staining.


Strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, etc. all have the potential to leave their dark hue behind on the teeth whether they are eaten raw/whole or drank as a juice.

Eating the Foods You Love

While the above food and drinks may cause staining of the teeth they are loaded with health benefits and you can still have them! Some tips to keeping your smile white while eating the foods you love:

• Rinse your mouth with water after consuming any dark colored foods or drinks

• Switch to lighter colored options like white tea versus black tea

• Brushing and flossing regularly

• Rinse with mouthwash

• Use a straw to consume cold beverages

• Avoid sipping or snacking throughout the day

Stained Teeth

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