A Root Canal Can Save Your Teeth 

A root canal is a procedure performed to save a tooth that has been compromised due to deep decay, damage or trauma. Root canal treatment is often recommended because your tooth cannot heal itself, and the only other option is extraction. It is a procedure done to save the damaged or dead pulp in the root canal of the tooth. With a success rate of around 90 to 98 percent, a root canal treatment may save your tooth.

Bassett Creek Dental offers root canal procedures with any of our dentists. If you need a root canal, we can treat you right here in our comfortable Golden Valley office. It’s just one more way we make our patients feel comfortable, and save you time and inconvenience.

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What to Expect During a Root Canal

A root canal treatment does not feel much different from getting a dental filling. After greeting you and reviewing your dental history, the dentist numbs your tooth and gum so you won’t feel anything during the procedure. After the root canal treatment, your jaw may be a little tender or sore, but the procedure itself does not hurt after the numbing agent is administered. Be sure to follow up with any recommended treatment after your root canal therapy, such as a dental crown to protect the tooth.

Endodontics in Our Golden Valley Office

Most family dental offices are unable to offer root canals to their patients. But at Bassett Creek Dental, our dentists can provide root canal therapy. No need to make multiple trips around town to visit your family dentist, an endodontist, and back again for a dental crown. The entire process, from diagnosis through treatment and placement of your dental crown, can be completed here in our office.

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