It’s dentistry at its best. Whether it’s the beautiful creek and garden right outside our office, or the complimentary coffee and juice bar in our reception room, you won’t find a Minneapolis dentist that makes you feel more at home. Our staff of Golden Valley Dentists is committed to providing you with quality care from start to finish. And with extended evening hours and weekends, scheduling a visit with one of our Minneapolis dentists has never been more convenient.


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Bassett Creek Dental does everything well. — Joanna

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Senior Dental Care Tips: Dental Care for People with Alzheimer's and Dementia

Senior Dental Care Tips: Dental Care for People with Alzheimer's and Dementia. Learn more. Full Story

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Great Family Dentistry that Saves Time for Your Busy Family

Bassett Creek Dental has several dentists and hygienists on staff so we can see several members of your family during the same appointment time. Full Story

Personal Dental Services for Your Entire Family

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Three Great Reasons to Come to Bassett Creek Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening

Three Great Reasons to Come to Bassett Creek Dental for Professional Teeth Whitening. Learn more. Full Story

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Beware the Bubbles: Sparkling Drinks Can Increase the Risk of Tooth Decay

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7 Tips to Keep Teeth Healthy in 2017

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